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Seas the day.
There is no time like the present.

A partnership with LIMU means plugging into our branding expertise, our proven success systems, our international footprint and mobile strategy and begin tapping into the millions of dollars we’ve invested into the business infrastructure.


Starting your own business has never been more rewarding: LIMU’s dynamic Unilevel Prosperity Plan pays you 5 times a month with 13 ways to earn and 6 weeks each month to qualify! Our Promoters get paid to party and receive huge cash bonuses on top of their generous commissions! Whoever parties the most, wins!



You’ve always envisioned yourself in a head-turner on the highway and we’ve made it easy to make that dream a reality. Sit back in your new black BMW paid-for by LIMU — because our Promoters deserve pro motors. Becoming a member of the LIMU BMW CLUB is instant street cred for your LIMU biz!



After earning your free BMW, celebrate each hard-earned passing pin rank with paid-for Caribbean cruises and exotic getaways to luxurious destinations like Cozumel, Hawaii and the world-famous Atlantis Resort! Dust off that luggage, and get ready to take on the world! We do it right, creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences!



LIMU invests in YOU! We put the traditional advertising budget in your pocket. Our cutting-edge corporate team produces award-winning training videos, social content and digital tools — including your own website and mobile app — to help explode your business! Consider us your 24/7 brand partners in success.

Make your own luck — LIMU is the only company in the world that pays you up to 5 times a month, with 13 different ways to earn and 6 weeks each month to qualify. You can even get your product for free! We’ve eliminated all the costs of running a traditional business and reinvented the oldest, most-effective business asset: you. LIMU’s cutting-edge business model puts the advertising budget in your pocket. It’s real, word-of-mouth advertising and we’re all hardwired for it.
  • Customer Commissions
  • 3-for-FREE Product
  • Fast Track Bonus
  • 2K VIP Bonus
  • First Order Bonus
  • Cash Bonuses
  • Leader Development Bonus
  • 100K Leader Pool
  • 500K Leader Pool
  • Reward Trips
  • Level Bonus
  •   Lifetime Cash Bonus

    PDF - Prosperity Plan

    LIMU Prosperity Plan


    It’s simple: when you share LIMU with 3 Customers and they purchase any of our ultra-premium nutritional products, you could get your next month’s AutoShip order for FREE.

    Our Promoters Drive Pro Motors.

    What drives you? LIMU prides itself on speeding Promoters toward success — that means a paid-for black BMW of your choice! As you climb the ranks like a rockstar, you can qualify for a shiny, new LIMU-branded set of wheels. We’re all about giving you outward, visible signs of success — conversation starters … to make growing your business easy.

    Own the night.

    Hit the open road.

    Welcome to the LIMU BMW CLUB.

    These are the young at heart, the entrepreneurs of LIMU Nation racing through the pin ranks.


    So after you get your BMW, how can we possibly top that? Easy. That’s just the start. Once you set yourself apart, LIMU ups the ante by going above and beyond with incredible Reward Trips at each key promotional level — we’re talking free vacays to some of the world’s most fun getaways! We’ll send you off on lavish, all-expenses-paid trips designed to pamper you and push you to dream even bigger — to achieve even more! Create lifelong memories that blend thrill and enchantment on elegant, once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll never forget.

    Learn How to Qualify!


    Congratulations on reaching our 50K rank! As you continue to build your LIMU business and team, now is the perfect time to visit LIMU Worldwide Headquarters in Orlando. You’ll be rewarded with focused in-depth training designed to help you learn the best ways to create a strong organization and increase your earnings with LIMU.

    Enjoy three days and two nights including a corporate tour, dinner with our Executive team and customized training materials, on this all-expenses paid 50K Leadership Fly-In.


    Clear emerald and turquoise waters enchant you on the high seas, as you enjoy amazing sunrises and world-class dining. Crisp, cool BLU 2 in hand, you’re relaxing and rejuvenating on an epic oceanic retreat with your fellow 100K qualifiers, and you realize — this is paradise. This is the LIMU Experience.

    Enjoy five days and four nights on a luxury cruise to the Caribbean as a 100K.


    Uncover an underwater city. Rub noses with dolphins. Taste the creativity of celebrity chefs and zip past sharks in a 60-foot waterslide as you explore the legend of Atlantis on Paradise Island. You’ll be lavishly spoiled at the iconic Royal Towers, immersed in elegant soirees and grandiose dinners, and enchanted with all the beauty the Bahamas have to offer.

    Enjoy five days and four nights amidst the grand architecture, artwork and splendor of the lost city Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas as a 200K.


    Reserved especially for our top income earners at LIMU, our 500K & 1M Reward Trips offer you a lengthy stay in one of six exotic and vibrant destinations. Live the dream on a perfectly tailored grand tour of Italy, Central Europe, France, Australia, the British Isles or Tahiti. Between scenic islands, lush art and architecture, intimate enclaves and romantic sophistication, these trips have been custom-tailored with care to create a once-in-a-lifetime addition to your LIMU Experience.

    Enjoy nine days and eight nights in one of six unforgettable destinations as a 500K.


    given away

    ON TOP OF regular commissions!

    At LIMU, ANYone can win. We don’t sell here … we share. We share an Experience; we share a lifestyle; we share an empowering opportunity to look better, feel better and live better. We share a better way of life that’s rewarding, fulfilling and fun.

    Submit Your Story to Win

    Award-Winning Business-Building Tools & Support.

    Your LIMU Experience is made by a huge and growing library of tools and tech to make your LIMU Experience as simple and stress-free as possible. Among the indispensable assets in your arsenal is our unparalleled Sales & Service Team: your business partners in success as you write your own story and live your dreams. It’s never been so easy to build your own business and be your own boss!

    Your Virtual Training Center

    LIMU University is a business-building tool specifically designed to benefit your growing team right away. It’s like homework that pays off in big ways! This simple, easy-to-use platform is your very own, go-to online virtual training center. It is loaded with information and training videos that revolutionize the way you build your LIMU business and onboard new Promoters. And it’s FREE to use! You can access LIMU University by logging in to your Back Office. It’s regularly updated with new courses and videos with an ever-growing library of tools and resources. LIMU University guides you and your team as you start, build and grow your LIMU business! Back Office

    Your Back Office is the control center for your LIMU business. Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization with 24/7 on-the-go connectivity to personalized at-a-glance dashboards (including projected commissions) and real-time reports that show you precisely what you need to do and who you need to focus on to grow your business. Leverage your Waiting Room with drag-and-drop ease as you place Promoters into key spots within your team. Run Contests, make placements and track your Carryover Volume. You’ll also have access to a full digital Resource Library with all your favorite LIMU videos, training materials, social shareables, important PDFs and product fact sheets to take your business to the next level.

    Fun & Energizing Corporate Events & Trainings

    We think different and drink different — because we’re a different kind of company. #BYOB and party like a boss! Our LIMU LIVE! parties, annual International Convention and other corporately-sponsored events are 100% FREE! No registration fees. No cover charges. No excuses. And that’s something no one else in the industry can brag about. We’re also the only company in the world that pays you for your own personal story! We’ve given away over $18 million dollars in prizes, products, trips and cash in just the last few years alone! Be inspired by like-minded entrepreneurs, Top Income Earners and LIMU Leaders with all the tips, tricks, tools and strategies you need to succeed. Step into the spotlight and get the props you deserve! Keep up with all the upcoming action at and blur the line between work and play!

    The Official LIMU Blog & Promoter Portal

    Welcome to your insider news source for all the buzz-worthy things trending across LIMU Nation: engaging and fun content, viral videos, shareable GIFs and pics, upcoming corporate events, nearby parties and trainings, business-building articles, success stories, plus all the latest rollouts, promotions and much more. This is our online hub to keep your finger on the pulse of the worldwide LIMU community — at the intersection of pop culture, new media and the global marketplace.

    Facebook App — Industry First Digital Flyer Generator

    Up your digital game and professionalism by creating fun, on-brand custom graphics with just a couple of clicks! allows you to produce beautifully designed digital assets to share throughout your social networks and grow your audience online. We’re talking everything you need to share the LIMU Experience and congratulate, motivate and educate, errr inform — welcome new members to your team and the #BYOB movement, announce upcoming team calls, parties, trainings and corporate events, shout-out new rank advancements, LIMU BMW CLUB qualifiers and show off your LIMU LEAN body transformation! You can even generate flyers to let the world know you’re on your way to party at LIMU LIVE!

    Ultra-Shareable Social Content & Digital Tools

    Social Media isn’t just for posting photos of your cat (even if it is adorable). LIMU Promoters prove day-in and day-out that social media is a fantastic way to build their businesses — it’s social network marketing, and it’s a hallmark of ours. Whether its on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, LIMU Promoters are engaged like never before, posting pictures, motivations, and working hard to introduce thousands upon thousands more individuals to The LIMU Experience every year.

    Our award-winning Marketing & Branding team puts a strong emphasis on digital content creation—all for you and your business. If you’ve got a Facebook and a phonebook, you’re set because we literally write the script for you! Think of us as your brand partners in success. Our creatives and techies are always ahead of the curve, producing next-level digital tools and resources to make building the brand and growing your business easy and fun!

    Take a Stand & Rock the Brand

    One of the easiest ways to quickly communicate The LIMU Experience is simple: just represent the brand and become a walking billboard for your LIMU success. You’ll spark instant curiosity and conversation! We’re a lifestyle brand that represents a different way of living and offers a new perspective on life — so lose the briefcase, ditch the suit, take off the tie and turn your swag on. Top businesses are built by public ambassadors — gear up for your success at Live the brand, be the brand and rock the gear.