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We are Justin and Kristina Martin, and this is our LIMU Experience.

I’m Justin Martin and I am a 24-year-old that just graduated from college and will start dental school this coming summer. My wife, Kristina, is a beautiful 23-year-old full-time nursing student. When Kristina and I first saw the LIMU opportunity, I couldn’t sleep that night knowing the poor financial situation we were in and the potential I saw in LIMU to be able to turn our quality of life around financially, while helping others!

Kristina and I had been married for 4 months when we heard about the LIMU opportunity. Kristina was a full time nursing student and I had a job in our local town at a factory that was barely paying the bills. I was finding out fast what it was like to work all day and watch all the money you just made vanish as one income was attempting to pay two sets of bills! The feeling of being a married man and wanting to provide for my new family was very disappointing as we struggled. I couldn’t even afford to take my wife out to eat or on dates that I knew she would love. I tried to go to bed the night after hearing the LIMU story, but couldn’t knowing we had just got back our refund check that was just enough to get started with the BMW pack. It was hard to believe the growth potential that LIMU could provide for us at literally no sign up cost, all we had to do was drink the product! I had never heard of LIMU or network marketing, but figured if I was coachable and would produce in effort what I lacked in skill we could do it!

We started in and teamed up with our upline as I attempted to line people up for everyday that someone would listen so they also could hear about this great opportunity! In our first 3 weeks, we made over $500 part time by just having people consistently listen to the LIMU story. I might have been broke but I knew that no other company provides a way for you to be fully profitable in your first three weeks, with no employees or business insurance to be paid! On top of that, I now had acquired a couple business partners! From that point on until now, 7 months later, I have tried to have at least 20 LIMU experience parties on my team each week! We saw our income part time with LIMU go from $600 our first month to $1000 part time our second month, to $2500 part time our third month. At the end of our third month LIMU told us to go pick out our VERY OWN BMW and we got a BLACK ON BLACK 535 I and it goes FAST. In our fourth month with LIMU with a BMW that people couldn’t fathom us having knowing about us just a few months ago barely paying bills, people than wanted to hear our story! In that fourth month, I started making more part-time with LIMU than I did full time at my job! At 7 months in with LIMU, I now earn TWICE AS MUCH PART-TIME with LIMU than I do at my full-time job! It won’t be long till I get the opportunity to wake up to no alarm clock and instead of clocking in everyday. I will have the chance to grow and help my LIMU team full-time and spread LIMU to the rest of the world that hasn’t heard about it!

LIMU has provided Kristina and I with a lifestyle we couldn’t ever imagine 11 months into marriage with a one-person income! We have gone from scraping pennies and eating sandwiches everyday to being able to go on nice dates, cruises, and drive the country in our incredible black 535 I BMW! LIMU has changed our lives health-wise and financially and as our income has grown, so has the number of calls we receive of people saying thank you for sharing LIMU with me, I feel better now than I ever have before! Thank you Gary Raser and The LIMU Company for such an incredible opportunity!

We are Justin and Kristina Martin and WE ARE LIMU!

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