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We are Hector and Fabiola Salgado, and this is our LIMU Experience.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, growing up in a family with my three beautiful sisters and three brothers, all great men. Our mother, a wonderful woman, raised us to do good and help others regardless of praise or attention. My father taught us our work ethic as he worked from sunup to sundown, all to support our family and assist Mother Tere with her charity work.

Growing up, life was not always the easiest and at a young age I worked two jobs to help my family make ends meet. I matured quickly and realized I did not want to live the rest of my life this way. So, I began to study taekwondo, a discipline that changed my life. It taught me respect, self-control, loyalty and above else, to have an indomitable spirit. My dedication landed me a spot on the Mexican National Team for the Sydney Olympics. Unfortunately, in a competition before the Olympics, I suffered an injury that tore the ligaments in my left knee and at that moment, my competitive career in taekwondo ended.

Without the support of the National Team to assist me with a much-needed operation, I decided to move to the United States. With a lot of sacrifice and the adversity that many immigrants face and understand, I achieved my goal. Throughout it all, I kept my faith alive, telling myself that God has a plan and knows the reasons for why things occur.

With hard work and faith, my wife and I opened a Mexican restaurant followed by an American restaurant. I returned to taekwondo and began teaching two schools, while my wife opened her own beauty salon. We were living the “American Dream”, but the reality was different. We never had time to spend as a family, and our income was constantly being used to cover the expenses of our businesses. Despite our hard work and constant efforts, we did not have financial freedom and our family life was suffering.

When I heard about the LIMU Experience®, I felt in my heart this was the opportunity that we needed. I went home and shared it with my wife, but she unexpectedly informed me she could not and would not support me. In fact, she told me that if I were to join LIMU, she would leave. Thankfully, my wife began drinking from my LIMU ORIGINAL® bottle and to her surprise she began feeling better. After noticing the impact LIMU had on her, she had a change of heart and agreed to fully support me in sharing the LIMU Experience with others.


LIMU has been the blessing that has allowed me to return to my beautiful and beloved Mexico to share this great opportunity. The LIMU Experience brings hope that better health is possible and that financial freedom is attainable for many families.

I have been with LIMU for two years, and I know we made the right choice. I learned that in this business the secret to success is to help, help more and keep helping.

Many things in my life have changed as now my wife and I only have our Mexican restaurant and LIMU business. Today, we have the time we always wanted to spend as a family. This journey has given us the opportunity to meet wonderful people, in both the United States and in Mexico.

I will never stop… we will never stop! My name is Hector Salgado, and I AM LIMU!!

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