Are you a LIMU Promoter with an immediate family member serving our nation’s military abroad? Send them a FREE LIMU Care Package containing 4 bottles of LIMU ORIGINAL® 5X, a case (24 cans) of BLU FROG®, and a case (24 cans) of BLU 2 on us! We’re on a mission to boost morale and energize our troops, so fill out the form below, and we’ll ship a special surprise to your active-duty enlisted family member, anywhere they’re serving overseas. We proudly stand with and salute our nation’s heroes. They pay the price for our freedom every day, so the least we can do is pay the cost of a care package for them.

LIMU Gratitude

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LIMU Gratitude

LIMU Care Package Contains

  • LIMU ORIGINAL® 5X (4 bottles)

  • BLU FROG® case (24 cans)

  • BLU 2 case (24 cans)

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