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LIMU LEAN BURN: 1-Year Anniversary Social Media Contest

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  1. Janet Luker says:

    I have tried lots of stuff! But nothing work because I was always hunger, so i would end up eating things Not good for me! At first I didn’t think Burn was working….But One day I was staving at lunch and didn’t have time to eat. As I walked out of the door I grabbed a Burn. I drank the Burn as I was driving into town to pay bills. 2hrs later coming back home I was totally ok. No hunger pains. I have decided to give Burn the chance it deserves! I ordered 2 cases. Burn has given me hope that I can lose this weight. I believe with help of Burn I can be 50lbs lighter when I go to limu live in May. When you have been overweight your whole life and try everything you could think of with nothing working it is easy to give up! So Burn has given me hope I haven’t had in long time. Thanks Gary!

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