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National BLU FROG Month Photo Contest!

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  1. Delene says:

    What is the official deadline each week for the photos? Is it at a certain time on a cetain day or ??

    1. LIMU says:

      Each Monday throughout the month of June, we’ll gather all the photos we’ve received so far (tagged with #ILOVEBLU or #ILOVEBLU2) and select one to be the winner. Each winner will be published on Facebook, Instragram, and through our weekly emails on 6/10, 6/17, and 6/24; the Grand Prize winner will be unveiled on Monday, June 30th, and may be a new entrant or selected from one of the previous winners.
      There’s no certain time of day for submission deadline, and photos submitted from the first week will still be under consideration for subsequent weeks.

  2. James says:

    Are we allowed to post multiple pictures or is it 1 submission per person? Is it 1 submission for blufrog and 1 for blu2 or is it only your first entry that counts?

    1. LIMU says:

      James, post as many as you like. We look through all of them, and we love to see as much creativity as your camera can muster!

  3. Looking forward to doing business with you!

  4. Heather Jefferson says:

    That’s a really nice pic!! Good choice limu!!

  5. JACKIE says:

    I’ve left a couple of pics without the # sign in front of, I Love Blu2. Will that be a problem?

    1. LIMU says:

      Unfortunately, Jackie, it will — we’ve been watching for photos by watching the hashtags #ILOVEBLU and #ILOVEBLU2. Without those hashtags in your post, there’s no way for us to track your submission. =( Can you repost?

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