100% 96%’ers!

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  1. Congratulations Justin and Kristina, your hard work and motivation has paid off in a big way and I am sure you had an awesome team to help you get there. I love the teamwork concept in LIMU. When you have a vision, look for others who want to run with a like minded vision as you do and together you will accomplish the dream. That is my motto! It seems you have done that.

    I agree it is much easier to inspire those who have never been in multi-level marketing. Fortunately you don’t have to over come wrong mindsets, failures or bad decisions in business in days gone by, with the newbies. But I certainly would not count the people out who do have a sour taste in their mouth about network marketing, because I was one of those.

    Let me just say I have tasted of the sweet difference that the LIMU product has made in my families life, both physically and financially. So what was sour has now turned sweet. I am passionate about the product and the prosperity and have a number of people on my team who are on fire, but did not even want to hear about any MLM at first. I have learned in my line of work (ministry) that persistence pays off, and sometimes the most difficult people to convert become the most passionate and contagious to others. Overcoming objectives has always been a challenge to me, no usually means maybe, and maybe usually means yes. I am so glad I embraced the opportunity and now I am living the dream. Keep up the good work and may the blessings of the Lord be with you.

    Pastor Judy

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