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  1. All I can say is WOW!!! This is great!! Further validation that LIMU is who and what is says it is. I am Linda Meredith and I AM LIMU!!

  2. I really enjoyed the article and the great pictures too!
    I love learning and sharing about agla.
    I look up for new proof of all the problems I have and others to see how Limu might help them, too
    Thanks corporate… Great job!
    We need proof to help others to trust our Limu as we all do!
    You know nothing will change in life if you aren’t willing to give something a try.
    It was the best thing ever to happen to me… I can be a part of my family instead of watching life go by from my couch!
    Thanks Gary Raser for stepping out to get this product out on the market.
    Thanks to Dee Doughtery for asking Betty Chripsen to come to a meeting.
    Thanks to Betty Chrispen for caring enough to share this product information with me.
    I can never repay all of you enough for the joy of getting real bear hugs from my grandchildren!
    Instead of careful touch from pain it would cause! My fibromyalgia didn’t like to be touched anywhere on my body… my grandsons really can squeeze tight!
    Thank You LIMU Company!

  3. Tina Cuello says:

    This is awesome! Limu’s credibility is increasing by the minute. I am Tina Cuello from Alvin, Texas and I am Limu!

  4. John A King says:

    Just left the LIMU “ACCELERATE” CONFERENCE in Ft. Worth, TX and I have never seen anything more potent and life transforming as that in all my 26 years of direct sales. LIMU is positioned to rewrite network marketing history. GARY RASER IS A giver! And we all know that the good book says the more you give…… Gary, we go back over twenty years ago when we sold 10p’s and 50C’s. I’m all in! I’m John King and my wife is Neyla King and we are LIMU!!


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