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Cindy Freeman Lost 27lbs on LEAN™

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  1. -I have actually enjoyed reading your blog (came upon via Google)…
    I am a personal trainer, and just recently became a distributor of Shakeology- At times I discover my clients get fantastic final results since they’re able to change their diets and eat clean healthy food, and at times they struggle so a lot that accomplishing the cleanse just makes sense. They replace 2 meals a day using a shake, and have a healthful meal or occasionally 2. The outcomes are built in bc the calories are restricted. Occasionally the outcomes are built in bc they are finally getting the nutrion they have lacked by going on crazy starvation diets and stalling their progress. I’d love to hear what you believe..
    .I always strive to provide my clients with the highest high quality info and solutions.Thank you!!

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