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  1. Lorie Crawford says:

    Congratulations on your success. I heard you on the Sunday night call and was encouraged to hear about your progress. I think it was you who talked about training in Dallas this weekend. I signed on to Limu in Tennessee less than a month ago when I was visiting my friend. I live in Rockwall, Texas, close to Dallas, and I have been wanting o get connected with other Limu promoters in my area. Can you pass on my name to someone in Dallas? Or give me some names and numbers?

  2. Chelsea Hawkins says:

    We live at Cedar Creek lake about an hour from you. Feel free to call us 903-275-4359. My maiden name is Crawford. You never know we may be related. Lol

    1. Lorie Crawford says:

      Chelsea, thanks for responding. I will call you soon. -Lorie Crawford

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