Melissa Carver — Friendswood, TX

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  1. Pauline says:

    Very powerful story. Thankyou

  2. Rosemary Anaya says:

    Yes Melisa I believed you cause it made results on me also , I also noticed I was no longer waking up in the middle of night, I prayed
    before going to sleep, and as soon I close my eyes I woke up next morning, & it seemed like I just had close my eyes about a half hr. and very soon it was morning, but it was the limu reaction that made me to go to sleep like a baby. also before taking limu, I had a bad fungus toe nail my largest toe, and it would hurt very bad even if I would just touched it to clean it with peroxide, and supprisinly as soon I was taking the limu I notice that in 1 wk the bad looking appearance toe nail was gone and also I was no longer in pain
    thank yOU LIMU

  3. Lorraine says:

    This fantastic!!!

    1. says:

      Absolutely amazing! Praise GOD for your increasingly better health and for your success in your business! Thanks for sharing.
      Chris Shepherd, Summertown, TN

  4. Maureen Smith says:

    Dear Melissa. I LOVE your picture, and I was touched by your story. I’ve been a nurse for 31 yrs so I appreciate your situation, however have you considered being massaged? I went back to school and became a licensed massage therapist, and I love my job. It helps people, and thats what life (to me) is about. Helping others. I haven’t really gotten my foot in the bussiness door of things, but I do have a “WHY”. My mom is 90 and in OK health, but her passing will be sooner than later, and I want to be able to assure her of my ability to get by financially without her. I don’t want to depend on my dead mothers money. That’s my why. Pray for me please that she hangs in there long enough for me to take her for a great luxurious ride in my BMW Thanks again for sharing. I hope you maintain a stable comfort of health Maureen

  5. Dale Michael says:

    Amazing story! What an inspiration! I am just getting started in the Limu business myself and already see the potential right here where I’m from in Mississippi. I suffer with severe sinus trouble (sinusitis, allergies, bronchitis), high blood pressure, and arthritis. Have been drinking Limu since July 2 and my allergy symptoms have eased up tremendously! My bp is steady and my arthritis is being relieved as we speak! I am going to use your testimony in my next meeting if that’s okay with you…. God Bless you and your recovery! You go girl!!!!!! D

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