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LIMU’s First 1M: Shannon & Rachettè Pardue

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  1. Jim Castanon says:

    Congratulation on your success, with Limu hope the second Million comes sooner.

  2. tammy doucet says:

    im so proud of this down to earth couple that they are my leader since feb 2012,they are the real deal what u see is them nice kind and sweet ,and act like they known us for yrs we are there family they say:’ dream team ‘
    god bless u ancd u deserve this
    sincerely , tammy doucet
    sulphur la

  3. Hilda Torres says:

    Congratulations, Shannon and Rachette. You are an inspiration to

    all of us in The Limu Company!!!

  4. Brenda B. Liggins says:

    WOW!!! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU “SHANNON & RACHETTE! You guys are really moving the experience forward. I’m very happy for you, and hope you will continue to achieve much, much more. God Bless You!

  5. Anthony (Ant) says:

    Amazed! I knew you guys would rock the house! Y’all Are the best team leaders anyone can ever ask for you! Congratulations!!!


    Congratulation,Shannon and Rachette. Our Dream team leaders,hope some we will get things going here ,god bless you.


    Congratulation, Shannon and Rachette. Our Dream Team leaders, they are the best.

  8. Congratulations on your achievement well done, this proves that with Faith all things are possible and having awesome relationships with your team makes the journey rewarding.

    God bless you both this has inspired us to build stronger relationships with our team so that we can reach the top as well.

    Stan & Felecia Jordan MICHIGAN!!!!!!

  9. So proud of you two for your accomplishments! Thanks for being such amazing leaders! May God continue to bless you and everyone you come in contact with!

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