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Top 10 Enrollers & Areas of the Month

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  1. Patti Dry says:

    Happy for all of the Top 10 Enrollers, but especially excited for Boyd and Linda Rice as well one of their members David Moorman! All of these members have all the reasons to not have been in the Top 10, but they didn’t use any excuses they set a goal and made it happen!!

  2. Hey, hey! I didn’t know I made the list! Thank you Limu Co for making it so easy to share the story of LIMU! Thank you, Shannon Pardue for being the best upline EVER!!!! I am so thankful for an answer to prayer for retirement income! When I was searching for something to add extra income for my retirement account, Jeanne Patterson told me about Limu and the rest is part of how I made the list this month!
    The sky is the limit! Weaving Limu into my busy life has put thousands of dollars into my retirement. Drinking the products have made me healthier at 53 than I was in my 40s!

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