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  1. I Love my BLU FROG can’t wait for my gift to start the new year! Thanks Gary… am hoping for the Golden Ticket! BLU FROG has really helped me in some long days to keep me going.. It is my Blu Frog to the Rescue… Just like Mighty Mouse …. Giving me healthy energy for my whole body! Even my 78 year old mother with diabetes can drink LIMU and BLU FROG….

  2. I love the new look on the Blu Frog’s. Ready for my Blu Frog Iphone cover.

  3. steve smith says:

    Can’t wait to start sharing the NEW LOOK of BLU FROG, what an awesome opportunity we have as members of this great company.

  4. Love it, absolutely love it, LIMU: the Company just keeps getting better and better!!!

  5. LIMU INCITE is THE EVENT you all want to be at…NOW is the time to make your commitments, make your reservations, travel plans, call your Team, and encourage them to be there. If I WIN the car, I will give you a ride…if YOU win the car, you can give Me a ride! What Car? BE THERE.
    A New BMW Convertible is only ONE thing the LIMU Company is Bringing…so Bring yourself and be a winner. The Limu Company always delivers…with the quality and integrity and excitement that will move you to reach goals and set new ones. I will be there, My name is Katherine Cross , and I Am Limu.

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